About Us

Colorado Insurance Advisors is an independent and privately owned insurance brokerage that creates strategic risk management solutions for individuals and businesses to offer them the best protection possible.

Our mission is to give our clients peace of mind, managing their risk by using technology, implementing effective processes, and staying true to our principles for client service.

About Us - Colorado Insurance Advisors Insurance Brokerage

Our Principles

Be Innovative

Our goal is to be on the cutting edge in all aspects of business, including how we manage risk for our clients, how we run our business, the technology we use, and the culture we create for our employees. We will not settle for being just another insurance agency.

Be Engaging

We want to develop genuine relationships with our clients, our carrier partners, our employees, and everyone we come in contact with by being present and engaging in all forms of communication.

Be Inspiring

We do not believe “because that’s the way it’s always been done” is an answer to anything. We strive to inspire positive change in our industry and create a progressive and exciting environment for our clients and our employees.

Be Teachers and Learners

Our culture will embody education to gain a better understanding of our industry, leading to better care for our clients, as well as to help our clients better understand their insurance risk management program.

Our Owners

Brandon Avery, Colorado Insurance Advisors

Brandon Avery

Brandon was born and raised in Chaffee County, Colorado. He played golf at Fort Lewis College (Durango) and University of Northern Colorado (Greeley) and graduated with a degree in finance. He has been in the insurance business for 15 years and enjoys that industry for three primary reasons:

  • To provide for his family while teaching his kids what it means to work hard and smart.
  • To provide protection and understanding of a complicated industry for his clients.
  • To provide an amazing place to work and thrive for employees of Colorado Insurance Advisors.
Josh Fyhrie, Colorado Insurance Advisors

Josh Fyhrie

Josh grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University (Fort Collins) with a degree in business marketing. He has also been in the insurance business for 15 years, which he enjoys because of the relationship, communication, and organizational aspect of the industry. He has been inspired by many of the clients he’s met over the years and feels fortunate to be able to help them when things go wrong. The industry is always changing, which keeps him engaged and interested, and he very much enjoys his role as a small business owner.

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