High Value Home Insurance

You’ve worked hard to build your assets, and your home is the perfect example of one of the greatest emotional and financial investments you’re likely to make. That’s why we offer exclusive packages for clients with homes valued over $750,000. These typically require higher levels of protection and specialized coverage options to keep that investment as safe as possible.

If you experience a loss related to your home, contact us before contacting your carrier. We offer our own internal claims management process to offer an evaluation of your claim before submitting it to the carrier. This evaluation will address whether or not it would be in your best financial interest to file the claim and the options available for you to self-insure. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future.

When filing a claim is indeed in your best interest, we will help you understand the claim process with your carrier and provide you with all the documents you need. Unlike other agencies that have you call into a claims center and hope for the best, we will ensure your claim is being handled fairly with your carrier and follow up with you throughout the process to ensure you are being treated well.

We have experienced staff members who have worked with owners on all kinds of claims. We have the knowledge and expertise to help handle yours efficiently and effectively.

If you’d like to learn more about our high value home insurance policies and carriers, talk to one of our trusted insurance advisors about the best options for you.

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