Industry Experts in Unique Markets

Colorado Insurance Advisors has experience in unique markets that often require specialty policies not provided by traditional insurance agents.

Small to Mid-Sized Construction Companies: We have strategic carrier partners that provide the best possible risk transfer solutions, including Travelers Construction, Hartford Construction, Liberty Mutual Construction, strategic divisions of Western Pacific and CRC, among many others. We offer in-house and carrier partner loss control and assistance with a complete risk management plan to help reduce your overall cost of risk.

Arborists: We have carriers that offer customized programs designed for tree care, lawn care, and landscaping businesses. Because your work is so seasonal, they offer flexible payment plans to help you manage your cash flow and keep your business in business.

Outfitters, Guides, and Whitewater Rafting: We have a unique knowledge of the industry and know what coverage you need to maintain compliance with state and national authorities. Our strategic carrier partners offer specialized coverages specifically for adventure activities to help reduce your risk.

Breweries and Distilleries: We offer a specialized program specifically for this up-and-coming industry. We work with multiple carriers that offer package coverage and were selected to be part of a pilot program for a large national carrier developing new programs for breweries. Our coverage includes general and liquor liability, coverage for stock, employer practice liability, workers’ comp, and more, all strategically tailored for the unique risk of operating a brewery or distillery.

Garage/Automotive Service: We have in-house industry experience and expertise working with small automotive businesses. We have strategic carrier partners devoted to the automotive industry, including body shops, repair shops, quick lubes, custom vehicle specialists, and used auto dealers. We can offer the risk management expertise to properly transfer your risk.

Non-owner Occupied Property (lessor’s risk only): We are experienced at helping property owners protect themselves in the most cost-effective and risk-minimizing method possible. We can help reduce your risk and reduce your costs by blanketing multiple properties onto one policy, helping you self-insure to lower your cost of risk, helping you tailor your tenant requirements to minimize the risk of the landlord.

High Net Worth Personal Lines: The CIA Private Client Services offers high net worth individuals access to specialty insurance carriers that cater to high net worth households and understand your unique needs. Learn more about our coverages [link to high net worth individuals] for high net worth individuals.

We also have expertise in restaurant, agribusiness, trucking, and hard to place/high risk businesses. If you’re in need of insurance, talk to one of our trusted insurance advisors about the best options for you.

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