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You have worked hard to build your assets, including your home, your vehicles (yes, your boat, your ATV, and your RV count, too), your historical autograph collection, and those items you bought on Ebay that your spouse doesn’t know about but will be worth a lot someday. Personal insurance protects all of them. It’s better to be prepared for the worst than have to experience it, so make sure you have the right insurance coverage with an agency that takes the time to understand your needs.

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Personal Services

Our Services

High net worth

High Net Worth Personal Insurance

You have substantial assets from all the hard work you’ve put in throughout your life. As a result, you have more to insure than perhaps your average neighbor and you need to be sure any incidents and accidents won’t deplete your portfolio.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

From the soccer-mom mobile to the pristine collectible, our car insurance programs will ensure all your vehicles stay in the condition you want them in and on the road.

Home insurance


Your home is your castle, and your insurance coverage should reflect that – without overpaying. We’ll make sure you’re covered for, and paying for, just the right amount.

Umbrella Insurance


Being involved in a lawsuit is never easy. But when the amount you’re being sued for surpasses all liability limits and balances in your bank accounts…now you have a real issue. An umbrella can protect you from major catastrophic events and lawsuits and keep you living the lifestyle you’re used to.

Personal Specialty insurance

Personal Specialty

The fine things you’ve collected over the years that you hold special deserve special coverage as well. We offer coverage for antiques, fine art, jewelry, and other collectibles for the utmost in peace of mind.

Personal Insurance Process

Our Process

  1. Interested in learning more about how we can help protect your personal property? Fill out a Personal Risk Assessment Form.
  2. We will meet with you by phone, online, or in person for an initial interview. This will help us gather information about your needs, understand what your goals are for a personal insurance program, and determine if Colorado Insurance Advisors is the best agency to help you meet your goals.
  3. We will go to work to select the best risk management strategy for your needs and determine which insurance carrier(s) would make the best partner(s).
  4. We will review the program with you, preferably in person or online. This review will include a tutorial on risk management and insurance strategy so you understand what we are recommending for you and why.
  5. When you decide that Colorado Insurance Advisors is the agency for you, we’ll welcome you aboard with our new client welcome kit. We will also introduce you to the members of your service team, so you know who’s on the other end of the phone should you ever have a question.
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